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Alpha within Factors

In Factors from Scratch, we showed that value investing works through a re-rating process. The process begins when the market develops an expectation that the earnings of certain companies will decline or grow at depressed rates into the future. The market then prices those companies at a discount relative to their current earnings, turning them into "value stocks." Over the short-term, the market usually ends up being right in its expectations: value stocks usually do go on to experience declines or slowdowns in their earnings, particularly in comparison with the rest of the market. But over the long-term, they usually recover and return to normal growth. When the market prices value stocks, it tends to underestimate the likelihood and extent of their eventual recoveries.

O’Shaughnessy Quarterly Investor Letter Q3 2018

In this quarter’s letter, we describe the more interesting, next stage of factor investing: alpha within factors. This simple idea describes what we’ve pursued at OSAM over the years, and what we continue to pursue through our research agenda today.

Factors from Scratch

The excess returns associated with Value and Momentum result from convergent and divergent processes, respectively. Value stocks are systematically underpriced and gradually converge on their fair value over time. Momentum stocks start out fairly valued or slightly overvalued, and go on to become more overvalued in the short-term, before reverting back. Both styles represent a market mistake that can be captured as alpha. In this piece, we're going to make all of these points more clear through a unified framework that we've developed to explain how factors work.

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Managing client money
Assets under management and advisement
Our model applied: Micro to Large cap; US to Global
Stocks studied across six decades of history

Separate Account Strategies

We build portfolios with significant factor advantages in different style segments, market capitalization ranges, and geographic regions. Our portfolios tend to have low excess return correlation with other active strategies, little overlap with market indexes, and low active costs. We have routinely worked with clients to build custom solutions.


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OSAM is committed to conducting interesting new research on markets and sharing our findings with investors. We want to manage money on behalf of committed, long-term investors, which means sharing what we learn. To follow our journey, you can read, listen and watch.

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