About Us

O'Shaughnessy Asset Management is a Stamford, Connecticut based quantitative money management firm. We deliver a broad range of equity portfolios to individual investors, institutional investors, and the high-net-worth clients of financial advisers. We also manage mutual funds in the United States as well as serving as a sub-adviser to a family of Canadian mutual funds through the Royal Bank of Canada.

Our investment strategies are based on the research of our CEO Jim O'Shaughnessy, widely regarded as a pioneer in quantitative equity analysis. Jim and his team have identified the characteristics that have led to successful investing over the past fifty years, and it is these characteristics that form the foundation of our strategies. As of December 31, 2017 Jim and his team were responsible for approximately $6.2 billion AUM & AUA.*

Disciplined, Unemotional Investing

Our philosophy is that the best investment strategies are devoid of emotional decision-making. We believe that many conventional managers fail because they tend to overlook fact-based fundamentals in favor of attractive, colorful stories about a company or a stock. At O'Shaughnessy Asset Management, we use stock selection strategies based on long-term, empirical evidence. Our strategies are historically tested and rigorously implemented. We do not seek to deviate from our strategies, giving our investors a process they have been able to count on for years.

A Transparent Process

Unlike most quantitative money managers, we are happy to disclose our investment process to our investors. Other quantitative investment managers put their strategies in a "black box," keeping investors in the dark about their portfolios or how they may change over time. Our strategies are in a clear, "Lucite box," because we believe that people should understand how their investments work.

Numerous Portfolio Styles and Strategies

We offer a broad range of equity strategies, from small cap to large cap, growth to value, including multi-capitalization and international strategies. Our key investment strategies consistently rank as leaders within their peer groups. Please review our individual separate account and mutual funds strategies to learn more.


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